Introduction to FCSH

We offer a range of products and services centered around improving, regenerating, and maintaining soils using microbiology.
 Our work is applicable to anyone who is growing plants! This includes the areas of agriculture, residential lawns/gardens/landscapes, commercial landscapes, plant nurseries, and public agencies.

What We Do


Compost made from the decomposition of organic matter by red wiggler worms. Sold as a solid compost or a liquid compost extraact or tea

Biological Soil Tests

Quantitative data on types and numbers of microorganisms in your soil sample. Includes a report that breaks down the raw data and gives suggestions.


Advice and guidance tailored to your specific situation, including step-by-step recommendations on how to improve your crops/landscape.

Liquid Inoculant Applications

On site applications of liquid compost extract or tea.


Soil health has never been more important. If you have any questions or would just like to chat about compost/soil biology/building healthy soil, please reach out.

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