(Beneficial Soil Amendments)

Compost tea

Vermicompost/Worm Castings

 Compost made from the decomposition of organic matter by red wiggler worms.
1 quart- $10
1 gallon- $17
1 cubic ft- $55
2+ cubic ft- $40 per
1+ cubic yards- $750 each
 Suggested use:
Seeds- mix with potting mix or add a pinch per cell in trays
Transplants- 1/4-1/2 c. per plant
Established plants- 1/4-1/2″ on soil surface, scratch/work in, and water well

Liquid Compost

Extract: Microorganisms are extracted from the compost with no additional foods added. Ideal for soil drenching and top watering.
Tea: Microorganisms are extracted from the compost with additional foods and oxygen added. The soil organisms are actively growing and multiplying. Ideal for spraying on above-ground plant matter.
Tea: $12/gallon
Suggested use:
Dilute as needed to obtain a total volume of liquid that can be applied evenly over your whole property


(Soil Restoration Services)

Soil microbial analysis
Beneficial soil amendments
Soil restoration services

Soil Microbial Analysis
(Biological Soil Test)

Quantitative data on types and biomass/numbers of microorganisms in your soil sample. Includes a report that breaks down the raw data and gives suggestions. Test is available for soil, compost, and liquid amendments.
$75 per sample


Every farm, landscape, and situation are different. That means that we create a individualized plan for your situation depending on your goals. Some projects are better performed by you, with us here to help you through the process. Others are better performed by us so that you can focus on what you do best. 
A customized budget estimate will be written up for each client. 
Call or email for more information and/or a quote. 

Residential-Based Applications

Advise you on soil health recommendations for your residence. landscape, small garden, or market garden. Answer questions, perform a biological soil test, apply liquid biological amendment (compost extract or compost tea) to your land. 1 acre maximum size parcel of land.

One application

One soil test and one liquid application



6-Week Cycle

Three soil samples and three liquid applications



Retainer-Based Residential Work

Monthly fee for being available for all of your questions and concerns. Ability to be reached via phone call, text message, or email.
Includes up to one site visit per month, one soil sample per month, and one liquid application per month.
(2 month minimum required)

Call, Text, or Email for More Information